Nov 062012

Is your child old enough to attend the symphony?  While we recommend our concerts for ages 8 and over, we also recognize that Utah Valley is home to a disproportionate number of young, aspiring artists. Many children do enjoy the symphony, and many are already practicing long hours to become tomorrow’s musicians.

Writing for the Salt Lake Tribune, Catherine Reese Newton recommends that parents consider a number of factors before treating children to the symphony. Consider the following:

  • Make a realistic assessment of your child’s ability to enjoy a long concert. Look up the music and listen to it at home to see how your child responds.
  • Make expectations clear. It’s not okay to read, play, color, or snack in the concert hall.
  • Electronic games, even muted, are not appropriate at the symphony, as they are distracting to neighboring patrons.
  • Remember that children can be unpredictable. If you come with a child, please sit near an exit and be prepared to retreat to the lobby if the child becomes a distraction.

For further considerations, please read the entire article by following this link.

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