Oct 142012

Welcome to the Timpanogos Symphony Blog

Why does a symphony need a blog? That is a great question. The reason goes back to our Mission Statement:

The mission of the TSO is:

  • to present high-caliber performances which inspire musicians and audiences alike;
  • to nurture understanding and appreciation of symphonic music; and
  • to enrich the cultural life of the greater Utah County community.

It is the second bullet that drove us to create a place for education. Through the blog we will provide additional information to enrich your musical experience.

Here are just a few things we plan to share here:

  • Background information on the composers and their music.
  • Biographical information and interviews with our guest artists.
  • Candid interviews with members of the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra.
  • Transparant data on what it takes to run the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra.
  • A view from the conductor’s podium for each concert – why did he choose the music, what it means to him and his thoughts on how to enjoy it more.

Check back often, especially during the concert season. We plan on having new information each week. Join us on Facebook as well for TSO Fast Facts. If you have ideas for how we can better fulfill your expectations, please leave us a comment below. We love to hear from the audience.

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